Homescreen Party is the movie viewing experience brought right into your home via a virtual world.  View new or your favorite film with your friends, or make new friends from around the world!

Homescreen Party is your gateway to the full movie-viewing experience brought straight to your home.  Experience watching your favorite films on a massive screen with stereo sound.  Order food for your experience and have it delivered to your house.  Purchase your favorite merch before or after the film! 

The concept was developed during the pandemic of 2020 when the entire world found itself indoors for extended months and unable to engage with each other or the movie experience as we have been able to traditionally.  With new technologies such as Virtual Reality, it enables a solution that allows for moviegoers to enjoy the movie experience and the social aspect of it from the comfort of your home, bringing the experience to you!

Homescreen Party is meant to be the movie experience brought to your home to cater to the lifestyles and demands of today’s viewers who enjoy a good movie and also an opportunity to engage with their friends, family, or meet new people!

Watch with your family and friends, or make new ones from people around the world!

Homescreen Party is meant to be a social experience that views can enjoy with current and new friends around the world